Successfully passed the expert review meeting
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   On 9th of June, 2017, according to CNOOC "three new three mutative" spirit, in Jiangsu Pacific Rubber Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Pacific rubber") meeting room, offshore oil engineering Co., Ltd. organized and held single point mooring rubber oil hose Localization expert review meeting.
The expert group including CNOOC Research Institute, Marine Design Company, Marine Installation Company, Oil Recovery Service Company, Shenzhen Branch, CCS and other relevant experts. They assessed and reviewed the Pacific rubber. The expert group firstly examined the Pacific rubber's production line and the laboratory. Then They listened to the report on the design of the 24 "double carcass rubber oil hose, the trial report and the DNV compliance test results. In view of the facts that the products manufactured by Pacific Rubber meet the GMPHOM 2009 specification request, and got DNV-GL compliance certificate, after questioning &discussion, and the formation of written documents, experts unanimously approved that Jiangsu Pacific rubber had owned design & production capacity on marine oil floating hoses and underwater hose, and ultimately determined the Pacific Rubber got through expert review.
Following Pacific rubber supplied domestic-made output oil hose to CNOOC offshore oil platform for the first time last year, Pacific rubber company  open up a new market in the field of single buoy mooring output hose.

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